Gathering Guidelines

After prayer and council, we have decided to resume our Lord’s Day gatherings at Ecclesia. I want to assure you that we are taking the necessary precautions and making every effort to abide by CDC recommendations to provide a safe and secure place for you and your family to worship. For the time being, we will be adding a few guidelines to our Sunday services. 

I pray that you will be patient with us as we work through these changes. Please know that they are being done out of a sincere desire to be cautious, safe, and loving to you and our visitors. A few of those guidelines will include the following, some as requested protocols by the Governor of Texas.

  • We will not be having children’s class during the sermon. We feel this is the best way to keep families together and not have small groups in close quarters.

  • We will be using pre packaged communion cups that combine the bread and the cup in a sealable package.

  • We will place an empty space between each row, and will ask that all families sit together, at least 2 seats away from others that are not family.

  • We will ask that the restrooms be limited to one person/family at a time.

  • We will ask that you please stay home if you have a cough or a fever.

  • We will limit our greeting time during the service to waves and smiles, rather than hugs and handshakes.

  • We will ask that any congregating before after service be done outdoors.


I pray that these changes will only be done for a short time, and that we will be able to return to our gatherings as usual very soon.

And finally, I ask that each of us be patient with one another. Some may have stronger convictions about these changes than others, and likewise, some may be more fearful than others. Some may want us to resume sooner and others may stay away for a while, even after we open. As Romans 14 tells us, "let us not quarrel over opinions or pass judgment on one another. Let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual up-building." As 1 Corinthians 16:14 says, "let all that we do be done in love."  Thank you for your continued support, prayer, and patience through all of this. May God bless you and keep you. SDG - Soli Deo Gloria!

In Christ,

Pastor Chris Hernandez



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